8 Amazing PUBG Mobile Hack in 2020 – Get Unlimited UC for Free

ultimate guideline for pubg hack

In this post, I will showing you the best and updated PUBG mobile hack tips and tricks that help you to get UC, Wall, Cheats without any cost in PUBG. 

Have you heard about the game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds?

I believe you are wondering what game is this man? But when I tell you it’s PUBG, you will give a big laugh.

Because we all know this game as PUBG, not with the full abbreviation.

However, many of us are fond of PUBG mobile games and look for a few pubg mobile hack tricks.

Because at some point, we get stuck and can’t find any solutions to proceed to the next level.

In this article, I am going to give you a brief about pubg mobile cheats. So, get prepared with all your gunners, let’s start hunting.

Can I Use Cheat Codes in PUBG Mobile?

Undoubtedly, cheat codes are workable in your pubg mobile.

Using mods, you can apply the cheat codes in this game. Mods are like aimbots that will assist you in improving your aim assist; sometimes,

you may need to see your enemies through the wall, and for this wallhacks is the choicest one.


If you would like to know how to hack a pubg game, you need to throw out all your old information if you were related to any hacking process earlier.

Nowadays, hacks are more advanced than before, and you need to adapt yourself to it.


In this article, I am not only going to assist you in the different hacking process

but also I will show how to hack keeping yourself in the safest manner position.

If you want to learn hacking in pubg efficiently, you need to be patient and give a lot of time behind it.


When you will learn about the pubg mobile cheats and surprise blustering some heads off, then you will understand how few specific tools are working behind it.

Working ways of Pubg Mobile Hack 

working ways for pubg hack

Below I am sharing the list of all pubg mobile cheats


Now I will share the explanations of each point one by one.

1. Hacked Mods for PUBG Mobile

It is a piece of general information that the PUBG game needs to be played online. This means the server of the game is operating in the background. I believe you already know, the server of the PUBG game is highly secured and cheat-proof. This is the reason; some players are installing the hack version of the PUBG game.

Now, what will you get from this hack version? Let me explain it to you. In the hack version of this game, the code or programs of the game gets changed, and as a result, new code generates. Then, these new codes implanted in the game. Finally, that game is converted into either APK mod or IPA mod. Please note that APK mod is for android users, and IPA mod is for iOS users.

You can find both mods on a different website, and they are easy to download and install as well.

Searching for these mods is also easy. Simply write down “PUBG Mobile cheats APK Android” or “PUBG Mobile Cheats IPA iOS.” While installing, let your device allow the downloading process from an unknown source.


2. Aimbot hack for pubg mobile apk


This mod will give you benefits when you are shooting to your enemies. All you need to do is simply hold a single button, and the rest of the things are on this mod’s shoulder. It will let you aim and shoot automatically.

Generally, in the game, you are aiming first to your enemy, and then you are shooting.

The process is a bit time consuming, and by this time, your enemy may locate your presence and hide or shoot you to keep himself / herself protected. This hack contains a code that can auto-aim to your enemy players and starts shooting to kill them using a single bullet. Thus, you are not giving any chance to your enemy players to protect themselves.

However, the cheat-proof program can effortlessly detect this Aimbot hack. So, while using this mod, you should be cautious and careful. Also, you can follow the below list to keep yourself safe from getting trapped in the cheat-proof program.

  • Don’t shoot your enemy over the wall.
  • Your accuracy should be low.
  • The aiming and shooting speed has to be limited.
  • Avoid headshots.
  • As much as you can, stay far from kill cams as well as replays.

3. Wallhack mod for PUBG Mobile

wallhack pubg

The working procedure of Wallhack Mod is similar to the Aimbot. Using this mod, you can scan the whole map that will assist you in finding out the objects available in the game. Even, this mod will let you see over the wall. Once the mod completes its scanning for objects, then it will highlight the objects on your mobile screen. Thus, you don’t need to search for them.

Also, there are supply boxes that fall from the sky. This hack mod will let you know about the items available in the supply box without opening it. That also means, scanning the houses are unnecessary when you are using this PUBG mobile Wallhack mod.


 4. Battle Points Hack


Battle points or shortly BP is the game currency of this popular game. When you are winning any campaign, you are rewarded by BP. Using this BP, you can purchase different crates that contain costumes.

Battle points can be earned by killing your enemy players. Also, based on your ranking, you can get a few battle points. Additionally, some websites are offering BP. Accept their offer and sign in to those websites, you will get BP points too. Some paid sites are also available from where you can purchase BP with cash.

AFK mode will assist you to earn more BP in the game. Many hackers generated a cheat code using AFK mode that will help you to make more battle points for you. Surf on the internet, and you will find many codes and versions to do this.

Using this code, you need to keep your player hidden in the game zone, so that your player remains safe. Thus, you will be the only surviving player at the end and win the battle. Then your bot will collect the battle points for you. There is another name of this AFK mode which is Battle Point Farming Bot.

5. Speed Hack

Didn’t you see any comments or complaints at any PUBG forum where people are talking about a speed player who is faster than other players? Yes, in the game, you will find a few players who are shooting and running faster than usual.

Those players are using speed hack techniques. This PUBG mobile cheats will let you increase the speed of your game or your player to shoot and run fast. Some modifications need to be done to achieve this hack in order to improve the player’s speed.

But, the game server can arrest you if you use this cheat code. Here you need to be cautious in this regard. Increase your player’s speed by a fraction, and I believe the cheat-proof program can’t identify you in the game.

The process of using this cheat code is straightforward. You need to expose the PUBG code first.

Then the preset value needs to be changed to set off the packets—also, this way, you are sending the packets quicker than expected.

Remember to be careful while using this hack, as stated earlier. Otherwise, you will be kicked out of the game.

The above-stated hacking techniques such as speed hack might not work in your android or iOS device PUBG game because generally, they are available in different game modes.

But, you don’t need to worry about working with Menu Hack because it will suit your mobile without any additional game mod, and it will work accurately. To earn a lot of in-game cash and BP, this Menu hack is exceedingly useful. You will be surprised to learn that working hard is unnecessary to win the game if you use this menu hack.

Give a big smile because the above-stated hacks i.e., aimbot, wallhack, BP, are also available in this PUBG UC menu hack technique.

In addition, the cheat-proof program can’t catch you while using this cheat, but you can’t avoid getting cautious as we all know that the future is uncertain and anything can happen.

Additionally, the manufacturer of this game Bluehole, is strengthening the server day by day.

7. Macros and Script Hacks

Although this point is not enlisted to any hack or cheat mod, if you want to set up the automatic tab and actions on your mobile screen, these macros and script hacks will help you a lot.

While shooting, you may need to shoot or loot your enemy players automatically. Scripts are there, helping you to do this smoothly. Also, using scripts, you can heal automatically.

Moreover, you can sip energy drink or reload your arms while firing to your enemies. Isn’t it so cool?

But, one concern is, script hack is a quite challenging task to install in mobile, but apps for these strategies have been developed quickly.

8. Hacking Tools for PUBG Mobile

Above all, hacking methods can be installed and used in any Android or iOS mobile. And you can win the game every time. But what will happen if these cheats get eliminated from the internet? Don’t be so hopeless at all, mate. Every problem has a solution because there will always be some cheating engines or tools available on the internet to hack the PUBG game.

Hacking tools that are available in different sites named Lucky Patcher, freedom APK,

Game guardian, and to name a few will be dangerous undoubtedly. Because the game server can easily trace these tools, and it can delete it without being late. 

Game Guardian has introduced a tool called the stealth app for Android mobiles, and this app is the only safest way to cheat PUBG mobile using hacking tools. And the game server can’t trace it for deleting it from your mobile.

However, I would like to remind you, again and again, using hacking tools is a bit risky because the game server is cunning enough to put handcuffs in your hands. Also, the game server has anti-cheat codes that are keeping eagle eyes on the players to find out the hackers.

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With an effective PUBG hack method, either it will make you or break you. Winning campaigns will never be so easy when you are using PUBG mobile cheats method. If you decide to ignore the advice that I have stated throughout the article, it is totally up to you. Also, getting banned is much easier than hacking the PUBG game. Within a short period, using the PUBG mobile cheat codes, you will be able to become a PRO level player in this game.

To be a PRO, it requires time and skill. If you don’t have the time to enhance your skill, then hacking is the only answer. Some may say, no skill is required to do hacking. But hacking without getting arrested is one of the best arts of skill at all. I am giving you another reminder, note down the tips and tricks not to get arrested. But if you are among those people who are a bit grandiose, then you will not find anyone to blame except yourself. So, what are you waiting for?

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